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MASC is excited and proud to offer a package of Quality and Safety related courses to the Connecticut manufacturing community. The courses were selected by a team of quality managers from leading Connecticut companies.
The courses cover:
  • Manufacturing shop essentials
  • Inspection
  • Quality
  • OSHA & Safety

All classes are delivered through online training and are supported by text, audio voice-overs, video, photographs and illustrations and include a class outline, class objectives, a vocabulary list, pre-tests and final exams, an interactive dictionary and note-taking and storing capabilities
We are certain that many in your company can benefit from the classes, since we designed the program at the request of Connecticut manufacturers who cited the lack of theses courses at most CT learning institutions.
They are certificate courses through the nationally recognized on-line center at ToolingU and the convenience of this will fit nicely into your training programs.
If you desire, we will include internet management training for your company to enable you to view the progress of your company’s employees.
MASC will administer the entire program for you and can easily generate individual company reports in a wide variety of areas.

Types of Courses
We offer courses ranging from remedial instruction in reading and math, to hands-on machine training, to distance learning via computers.

State of the Art Technology
We are Connecticut's sole provider of hands-on training for Swiss CNC 4-axis machines.

Our faculty has been hand-picked by manufacturers.

We develop curriculum and courses directly with the industry to make sure students satisfy company needs. Our Advisory Board is 2/3 manufacturing.

There is no guarantee of jobs, but we are above 90% in placement.

Customized Training
Within a few weeks, our experienced faculty can develop and deliver customized courses to meet your specific needs.