Cory Titus, Former Student

Before MASC, Cody Titus never thought he would find himself working in the manufacturing field, much less looking forward to his job every day. The MASC program was recommended to Cody by a friend. Since he was in between jobs at the time, he figured he had nothing to lose and signed up for courses.

As a hard worker always up for a challenge, Cody quickly immersed himself in the MASC program. He began with courses that covered manufacturing mathematics and blueprint reading and then went on to the more advanced, hands-on portion of the program. What surprised Cody most about the MASC program was how much he enjoyed it and how quickly he caught on. 

The instructors at MASC, all veterans of the manufacturing and metalworking industries, gave him the freedom to be challenged and creative in his work. This provided him with complex programming that ensured that he was never bored and always learning new things. 

Throughout the three and a half months he spent with the MASC program, Cody’s confidence in machine operating grew and by the end, he was eager to begin a career in the manufacturing field. 

For Cody, MASC was what got his foot in the door of Waterbury Swiss Automatics. 
After graduating from the program, MASC provides students with a support system of industry connections and potential career opportunities to help them with their job search. 

Cody was given the number of Neil Tremaglio, President of Waterbury Swiss Automatics. When he first called Neil and asked about a job opening, he was initially told there wasn’t anything available. 

But when Neil asked, out of curiosity, where Cody had gone to school, he answered, “MASC.” Neil was impressed and invited Cody to come by Waterbury Swiss. Within a week, he was hired and has been there ever since. 

Cody believes that MASC did not only provide him with the tools he needed for his current job but paved the way to future success and everlasting job security. When asked if he would recommend the program to anyone else, he said, “I’ve unintentionally become a little bit of a spokesperson for MASC. The program really did change my life.” 

"I've unintentionally become a little bit of a spokesperson for MASC. The program really did change my life."