Man smiling into camera, MASC success story

David Andrews, Former Student

After years of working construction, David Andrews knew he wanted to find a job that kept him challenged and interested but took less of a physical toll. Upon hearing about the MASC program from CT Works, David enrolled in the manufacturing skills training program and instantly knew he was in the right place. 

David enjoys learning new things and staying busy. He never thought he would like working in the manufacturing industry, but the MASC program helped him discover and develop skills he didn’t know he had. 

Unlike any other technical training programs David had taken in the past, MASC was concise, flexible and had teachers that offered real industry expertise. Because the MASC program only lasts about 3-4 months, training is fast-tracked through hands-on instruction. For David, learning through interactive application was a bonus. It made the program more effective. 

After David graduated from MASC, he found an opportunity through the program’s industry connections and started an apprenticeship with Concentric Tool & Manufacturing. Concentric Tool has a wide variety of projects available, keeping him interested, busy and always learning new things. 

David felt that the instructors are what sets MASC apart from other training centers in the state. The instructors are not only experts of the trade, but down-to-earth and patient with their students. “I got a lot out of the MASC program,” David said. “It made me grow as an employee."

"I've gotten a lot out of the MASC program; I've learned a lot. It helped me grow as an employee."